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Don't worry! CYTECH LOGO certified mechanic inside.


Our priority is to get anyone and everyone bike riding whether through sales, repairs, hire or advice. We're not a formal, pristine, non-approachable type of business that is solely interested in making money.

“it is a fun, welcoming, informal kind of place, bit rough around the edges”

  • Pre 2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Lance's obsession and love of riding and racing bikes has never faded since the first time he jumped on a bike. All friends generally link Lance to some form of biking whether pedal bikes or motorbikes.

    Our honeymoon was even a road trip in a tranny van around the mountains of France, Switzerland and Italy downhilling.

    Kids came along and the riding (especially racing and roadtrips) had to take a bit of a back seat.

  • August 2016

    A bike shop is Born

    Karl (Dr. Crank) happened to mention he was thinking of selling the Whitby bike shop, after a few days of do we don't we, the timing was far from ideal for us as a family with two young boys but these opportunities don't come up that often! Excitement set in then panic, then excitement then panic......! Business heads on, sleepless nights.

  • January 2017

    Transition to Full Service

    Shop takeover, bit off more than we could chew trying to get organised and open a week after getting the keys. Hopeful that we will continue to provide a local friendly bike shop and evolve as Doctor Sprockets Bike Shack as time goes on.

  • 2017 & On...

    The Future

    Still. In the saddle at the top of a black run. Heart pounding. Scared. Excited. What's next? Who knows!?! Let's go!

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  • POSTED 21/03/2018 20:06

    Yes that's right.....25% off everything, majority of bikes, helmets and clothing are 2018 so grab yourself a bargain!

    Date/time: Wednesday 21st Mar 2018 20:06

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  • POSTED 16/03/2018 19:45

    Anyone fancy taking on a bike shop business?! So we made the tough decision this week that having a bike shop business offering sales, repairs and hire wasn't for us; our kids need to come first! Plus when do we get chance to ride? We've been through every emotion possible and kept kidding ourselves over the last 15 months that things would get easier and to a certain extent they have. We are super proud of what we have achieved, but we don't have the time and have run out of energy to progress what will evolve with the right person, to be a fantastic business and very much needed in Whitby. Any interest please email [email protected]

    Date/time: Friday 16th Mar 2018 19:45

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  • POSTED 09/03/2018 14:49

    ***FIRST FELLA TO LIKE AND SHARE THIS POST WILL GET A £10 VOUCHER***🚵‍♂️ It’s all about the women this week!! 💪 International Women’s Day yesterday and Mothering Sunday coming up. Back in 1855 these women look to be checking out that crank arm......who needs a bike mechanic when us women can multi task!

    Date/time: Friday 9th Mar 2018 14:49

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  • POSTED 28/02/2018 08:58

    We will be open this morning until 11.30am ❄️☃️

    Date/time: Wednesday 28th Feb 2018 08:58

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  • POSTED 27/02/2018 06:42

    We are closed today (due to childcare), nothing to do with the fact Lance's skis are out ready!! They will however be putting their Endura gloves 'perfect for snowballing' to the test so that is work.....kind of!!

    Date/time: Tuesday 27th Feb 2018 06:42

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  • POSTED 26/02/2018 14:47

    Think this just about covers it!

    Date/time: Monday 26th Feb 2018 14:47

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